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2 Brides & a Wedding 

We recently did a Double Wedding at the gorgeous Bergvallei Wedding Venue.

2 brides, 2 bridal suites and double the opportunity to get those gorgeous bridal images. This is some of the reactions from the couples on the day. We asked them to describe the day in 3 words - This is what they had to say:

  • Clint (groom): 3 words.... Awsome! Awsome! Awsome! 
  • Darane (bride): Beautiful, amazing, FABulous.

Below are some images taken on the wedding day. We had loads of fun with hand held bubble guns used as the confetti. The beautiful staircases at the venue created the perfect setting to showcase the bridal dress designs. One of the Brides wore a strapless mermaid styled dress with layered detail at the bottom. To compliment this design, the other bride wore a full skirted dress with a similar layered detail. The volume was created with a wide hoop under skirt.


The wedding shades of the 2 bridal parties was Purple & Magenta.There are stunning splashes of colour in the gardens and this made a perfect overhanging frame for a romantic shot. The colour of the flowers coincidentally also matched the brides wedding shade. It was meant to be :-)

A sweet kiss as the sun was setting created a "magic" look.

We also added an "After session" and both couples were much more relaxed. I will post a more in depth article on this as well to showcase the value behind this. These sessions are great. As it is focused solely on the couples, we got those amazing editorial or stylized shots the brides wanted. 

Darane (bride): "A special thanks to LiCaLo photography for the stunning pictures taken on our spectacular double wedding. The after session was an incredible experience. We were so much more relaxed and in our comfort zone. We enjoyed each and every moment as a couple. It was a very intense and romantic moment to experience. I would definitely recommend this to all other couples out there. It's a great second opportunity for taking wedding photos. It is definitely worth it! After all, the photos are the one thing that will always be there as a reminder of your special day"

Tanya ( 2nd bride on her view of the after session): I really enjoyed the experience! I would definitely recommend that other couples take advantage of this opportunity since you will have these images forever. You are so much more relaxed and in your own element after the big day. That day is special and wonderful in its own way, but the last thing you’re thinking about is pictures. An after session really gives you a great amount of time to be yourself. You are not worried or focused on the details of the wedding or anything else. Also… Who doesn’t want a second reason to put on that big white dress! I loved it!"